Panther Path Degree Works

Panther Path Degree Works

Ellucian Degree Works™ provides a comprehensive set of web-based academic advising, degree audit, and transfer articulation tools to help students and their advisors negotiate curriculum requirements at CAU.

  •       Clear and consistent degree plans
  •       More transparent articulation of transfer credits
  •       Personalized interaction
  •       More efficient required advisement sessions for First and Second Year students
  •       Improved retention and graduation rates
  •       More timely degree certification

For Students, Degree Works:

  •        Provides real-time advice and counsel
  •        Speeds time to graduation
  •        Provides intuitive web access to self-service capabilities
  •        Streamlines the graduation process
  •        Allows direct access to multiple related services and advice through hyperlinks to catalog information, class schedules, transcripts, help desk services, and FAQs

For Advisors, Degree Works:

  •        Supports real-time delivery of academic advice through intuitive web interfaces
  •        Minimizes errors through consistent degree plans
  •        Supports more timely degree certification
  •        Reduces paperwork and manual program check sheets
  •        Supports and monitors unique program changes


Degree Works Student User Guide

Degree Works Frequently Asked Questions