Registration and Enrollment

7 Step Enrollment Process

Academic Advisement, Registration and Enrollment Guide

The steps below will assist with expediting the registration and enrollment process.

Step 1   Complete the academic advisement process with your assigned departmental advisor or department chair.

  •    First-Year Freshmen will be advised by the Office of Academic Enrichment and Success (AES) in Room 214 Haven-Warren Hall
  •    Graduate Students, Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores - Departmental Academic Advisor

Step 2   Pick up Registration/Alternate PIN from your advisor or department chair.

Step 3   Register for classes via Banner Web. (Web Registration Reference Guide)

Step 4   Secure Campus Housing by visiting the Office of Residence Life located in Suite 245 in the Bishop Cornelius L. Henderson Student Center.

Step 5   Verify Financial Aid Award via  Banner Web.

Step 6   Verify Financial Enrollment via Banner Web. (Student Accounts).

Step 7   Pick up and/or verify activation of the student's Panther PAW Card from the PAW Office located on the 3rd floor in the Bishop Cornelius L. Henderson Student Center.

  • New students must complete the Panther PAW and Money Network Consent forms via Banner Web two (2) hours after completing the consent forms you can pick up your PAW Card.
  • Returning students card activation is automatically updated within two (2) hours after becoming financially enrolled.


NOTE:  Students with all charges and enough financial aid posted to cover the cost to attend will be automatically enrolled.  The system will not automatically enroll students who are part-time. (Graduates 5 hours or less and Undergraduate 11 hours or less).  Part-time students must complete the Part-time Enrollment Form.