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100号教室- Haven Warren -英语学院
325室Sage Bacote大厅-现代语言学院
Atlanta, Georgia  30314
Phone: (404) 880-6733

Georgene Bess Montgomery, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Interim Chair
(404) 880-6109
2002年加入英语系(及现代语言系). Georgene Bess Montgomery, an associate professor, specializes in African Diasporic Literature and traditional African spirituality/religion.  Her book 精神与文字:非洲文学批评的精神性理论 利用Ifa的思想和世界观所告知的方法, 一种古老的非洲精神传统, to unlock deeper levels of meaning in the writings of African peoples and thus provide a powerful new way of reading Africana literary texts.  An active scholar, Dr. 贝丝·蒙哥马利出席会议并广泛出版.  She is also former president of the National Council of Black Studies where she serves on the board and chairs the Student Committee. She serves as assistant editor of the International Journal of Black Studies and reviews manuscripts for several journals and publishers.

Rosalind Arthur, Ph.D., Clark Atlanta University
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Sage Bacote Hall, Room 327
(404) 880-8456

Dr. Arthur’s research interests have consistently entailed leveraging technology to heighten teaching effectiveness and most importantly, 促进和优化学习. 

Timothy Askew, Ph.D., Emory University
/ Aldridge-McMillan教授学者
Haven Warren Hall, 130A

M88英语和人文学科全职教授,博士. Timothy Askew is the Founding President of the prestigious Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and was the Lead Petitioner for the university who brought Phi Kappa Phi to Clark Atlanta University in 2013. 他是美国国家人文基金会的学者,也是美国优等生学会的成员. Askew教授研究生和本科生美国文学课程, African American Literature, Autobiography and Biography, Southern Literature, Advanced Grammar and Composition, 英语和人文学科的专业课程. 作为著名学者和著名歌曲“提高每一个声音和歌唱”的讲师,Dr. Askew is an Aldridge/McMillan Scholar at Clark Atlanta University for overall excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service, 授予教员的最高奖项. His notable books are 文化霸权与美国黑人爱国主义:歌曲分析, "Lift Every Voice and Sing, " 《M88》和艾比维尔路.

Paul M. Brown, Ph.D., Emory University
Sage Bacote Hall, Room 323
(404) 880-6302

Dr. Paul M. Brown is a tenured Associate Professor of French who has been employed at the University since 1989. He received the B.A. 华盛顿学院法语专业硕士.A. in French Language and Literature with a concentration on Francophone regions from Atlanta University, 并在埃默里大学获得法语博士学位. He is a seasoned professional in International Education as well as the teaching of French and the Francophone world. He spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the French-speaking West African country of Cote d’Ivoire where he taught English as a foreign language.

Kelly DeLong, Ph. D., Georgia State University
Associate Professor
(404) 880-8171
Dr. Kelly DeLong是这本小说的作者 The Poor Sucker and the non-fiction book The Freshman Year at an HBCU.  His short stories are T Sun, Evansville Review, Jabberwock Review, The MacGuffin, Roanoke Review, and Willow Review, among others. 他获得过艾格尼丝·斯科特小说奖和佐治亚州立大学小说奖.  他也曾入围圣. Contest and the St. Lawrence Book Award.

Jaime M. Ferrán, Ph.D.北卡罗来纳大学教堂山分校,2003年
Associate Professor of Spanish
Sage Bacote Hall, Room 307
(404) 880-8788 
Dr. Ferrán has a Ph.D. 北卡罗来纳大学教堂山分校西班牙文学专业. 他是纽约锡拉丘兹人,也曾在西班牙居住过. 他的研究主要集中在20世纪的西班牙诗歌th century. 他对文学和城市等交叉学科感兴趣, Postmodern theory, 视觉艺术和文化史.

Tikenya Foster-Singletary, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Assistant Professor
Haven Warren Hall 115A

他是一位经验丰富的教师和学者. 福斯特-辛格里的研究兴趣是非裔美国文学, American literature, and television and popular culture. 她在文学和写作方面教授广泛的本科和研究生课程.  In addition, she is a frequent presenter at conferences by the College Language Association and the Popular Culture Association of the South. Her work has been published in MAWA评论,黑曜石:散居非洲的文学, and Southern Quarterly; her essays on literature and television have been included in a number of essay collections. She is co-editor of an edited volume focused on the work of playwright and novelist Pearl Cleage entitled Pearl Cleage and Free Womanhood. Published by McFarland Press, 这本文集以作者散文作品的随笔和采访为特色. 这是唯一一本书篇幅对克利奇作品的思考. In 2019 Dr. 福斯特-辛格特里被选为乔治亚州州长的助教.

Margaret Holloway, Ph.D., University of Alabama
Assistant Professor - English
Rhetoric Composition
Haven Warren Hall, Room 104F
(404) 880-8177 

Margaret Holloway is an Assistant Professor of English and the Composition Coordinator for the English and Modern Languages Department. Dr. Holloway has a Ph.D. 主修英语写作、修辞学和英语研究. 她的研究包括第一年的写作, 大学作文评估实务, and Black community rhetoric.

Piper Huguley, Ph.D., Georgia State University
Associate Professor -  English
Haven Warren Hall, Room 104D
(404) 880-8536

作为Paul Bowles奖学金的获得者,Piper G Huguley获得了她的博士学位.D.  乔治亚州立大学二十世纪美国文学专业毕业. 她关于卓拉·尼尔·赫斯顿的学术著作可以在 “内在之光”对佐拉·尼尔·赫斯顿的新评论. 她写了10部历史小说和中篇小说, but made her contemporary debut with Hallmark Publishing in 2021 with the publication of Sweet Tea. By Her Own Design 是她第一部关于安·洛的传记历史小说吗, the Black fashion designer of Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress and it will release on June 7. 2022. Huguley currently teaches in the English department at Clark Atlanta University where she teaches Composition and Literature courses. 她与丈夫和儿子住在乔治亚州的亚特兰大.

Laurent Monye, Ph.D. Universitê Nancy 2 France
Professor of French
Sage Bacote Hall, Room 308
(404) 880-6364

Dr. Laurent P. Monye is a tenured full Professor of French in the 英语和现代语言系“,. He received his B.A. (1983), M.A. (1984), M.Phil. (1985), and Ph.D. (1987) degrees in French Language, Literature, and Civilization, from the Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France.

Dr. Monye taught French, History, 在法国的Lycées学习了几年的地理知识, 1993年7月移居美国. He was subsequently appointed to the following academic positions at Clark Atlanta University: Assistant Professor of French (1993 to 1997); Associate Professor of French (1997 to 2004); and Full Professor of French (2004-present). He has previously served as Chairperson of the Modern Foreign Languages Department (2000-2016), 2014-2015年担任文理学院临时副院长. 他也曾在著名的大学委员会任职, including the Senate, Curriculum Committee, Academic Council, Accreditation Task Force, Promotion & Tenure Committee, etc.

In addition, Dr. Monye helps the profession at large by serving as a content reviewer for the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (2000-2005); an Associate Editor of the College Language Association Journal (2001-2012), and as an AP French reader for the College Board/Educational Testing Service (2008-present).

Dr. Monye曾在非洲各地生活和旅行, Europe, French Antilles, Canada, and the United States. These extended stays have given him the opportunity to study and teach both under the British, French, and American educational systems. 他的多语言和多元文化背景, coupled with his extensive teaching and working experience with a diverse student population and faculty members, 让他成为一个对文化更敏感、更多才多艺的人.

Molly Slavin, Ph.D., Emory University
Assistant Professor of English
Haven Warren Hall, Room 104H

Dr. Slavin is an Assistant Professor of English, specializing in British and Irish literature. 她的研究兴趣包括后殖民理论, urban studies, crime literature, and contemporary literature. 她曾在诸如 英联邦文学杂志,全球南方, and C21文学:21世纪写作杂志. Dr. Slavin holds a Ph.D. from Emory University, 爱尔兰国立大学硕士学位, Galway, 还有圣母大学的学士学位.

Tamala Simmons-Rigby, DAH
(40) 880-6717

Dr. Rigby-Simmons serves as English Undergraduate Coordinator where she’s responsible for curriculum and student advisement. She is the Primary Advisor for Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society and serves on numerous department and university committees. 她的研究领域是加勒比文学, 英联邦文学与英语教育“,.

Yosalida Rivero-Zartizky, Ph.D. The University of Arizona
Associate Professor of Spanish

Dr. Rivero-Zaritzky来自委内瑞拉. She studied Education at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and Arts (Cinema) at Universidad Central de Venezuela, in her home country. Dr. Rivero-Zaritzky completed her Master's in Spanish at Montclair State University and her Ph.D. 亚利桑那大学西班牙文学与文化专业. Dr. Rivero-Zaritzky received her Specialization in Digital Literature from the Universitat de Barcelona. Dr. 里弗罗-扎里茨基在默瑟大学工作了9年,并获得终身教职, 并于2015年秋天来到M88. Currently, she serves as the Coordinator of the Spanish program and teaches undergraduate and graduate classes.

Luz Rodriquez, Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico
Assistant Professor - Spanish
Sage Bacote Hall, Room 328
(404) 880-6367 

Dr. Luz Rodríguez is from Puerto Rico.  她是一位专攻文化研究的拉丁美洲学者, 非洲侨民和西班牙语. 她的专长是拉丁美洲黑人. She obtained her Ph.D. 波多黎各大学的西班牙裔研究,Río Piedras校区. She completed her Master degree in Hispanic Language and Literature and a minor in Brazilian Literature from the University of Pittsburgh. 她有西班牙语文学学士学位, a minor in Latin American Studies and another in Cultural Anthropology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor in the 英语和现代语言系“,. 

Alma D. Walker Vinyard, Ed. D. University of Tennessee
Associate Professor
Haven Warren Hall, Room 104B
(404) 880-6163
Alma D. Walker Vinyard是一名英语副教授, the former chair of the English Department and also former Chair of the Faculty Assembly. 她还曾在战略学术委员会和大学参议院任职. Dr. Vinyard received the first Aldridge McMillian Faculty Merit Award for her Outstanding Service 2000. Dr. Vinyard教授本科生和研究生课程.